Firewood for Sale

Firewood for Sale

We provide Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, Florida residents clean burning firewood. We deliver clean, well-seasoned firewood and will provide you with a window for delivery.

Firewood for Sale

We also have wood for pick up in small or large quantities. Our staff is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable and available to answer all your questions.

Seasoned Firewood

We currently have seasoned Australian Pine and Oak firewood. Quantities starting as small as a wheelbarrow and all the way up to full truckloads and more. Our firewood is seasoned for over a year and is very clean burning.

Firewood Quantities

1/2 cord = 70 cubic feet.
1 cord = 135 cubic feet. (standard is 128 cubic ft.)
1 cord measures 4′x4′x8′ and will stack 4′ (tall) x 24′ (long) x 16″ (cut length)

We Sell Firewood

Get a quote from Florida Tree & Ground Maintenance for your firewood needs today. Or Enjoy a free consultation on your tree trimming needs from Florida Tree & Ground Maintenance backed by our 100 percent guarantee.

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