tree stump grinder

3 Keys to Understanding a Tree Stump Grinder

A tree stump grinder is just about a necessity when you don’t want to kill your back. When you’re trying to remove a stump by yourself, it can be hard to imagine the process. Even when you hire someone to help, it’s tough to know how much time and money you’ll spend on this project.…

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Why Do Trees Blow Over?

Why Do Trees Blow Over? 3 Tips to Prevent

Why do trees blow over when storms roll through here in southwest Florida. Other damages can include area flooding, downed electrical lines, etc. The worst of them (and actually the cause of some power outages) is when trees topple over. We have seen root system pull up and break water services to homes and irrigation…

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Tree Care Guide – Part 1 After a Hurricane

This tree care guide will help especially with so many hurricanes happening in Florida, a lot of people have found that their trees have suffered major damage. If you have had problems with trees being damaged in a hurricane, below are some tips that you can use to help your trees and your landscape get…

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remove a tree stump

6 Reasons to Quickly Remove a Tree Stump

How do you remove a tree stump when you had to cut down a tree after the hurricane? Have you thought about how to remove a stump? If you had to cut down trees you know how difficult it can be to try and remove the stumps on your own. So you might think that…

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14 Florida Oak Trees

14 Beautiful Florida Oak Trees

14 Florida Oak Trees Florida oak trees are some of the most beautiful trees in the world. Oaks are characteristically large and wide, with thick solid trunks covered in acorns, oblong leaves, and graying bark. There are many different types of Florida oak trees; about 19 are native to the area. Different species of oak…

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Florida Invasive Trees - Camphor

8 Damaging Florida Invasive Trees

8 Florida Invasive Trees Florida invasive trees can damage native trees and plants. Especially since Florida has such a rich ecosystem of plants. Unfortunately, Florida is also an area with an increasing number of invasive plant life. Florida invasive trees and plants can affect the health of entire forests and ecosystems, increase costs to manage…

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trees look bad

7 Reasons Why My Trees Look Bad

Why do my trees look bad? Trees are living, breathing things just like you and me. They can get diseases or injure areas of their body, and they have unique ways of telling us they need help. It can be hard to spot the signs of disease in a tree. So, if your trees look…

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How To Dry Firewood Port Charlotte Florida

Best Way How To Dry Firewood

How To Dry Firewood Why does dry firewood matter? Wood that hasn’t been dried ultimately produces less heat and more smoke than dried wood. Also, depending on how green or moist the wood is, it may be difficult to ignite it. It is best to have firewood that has less than 20-25% moisture content. That’s…

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Spotted Lanternfly 2

The Spotted Lanternfly Infestation

An Arborist Shares What You Need to Know The spotted lanternfly infestation is wreaking havoc in the United States. This invasive insect species was first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014, and has been spreading rapidly ever since. The lanternfly is a serious pest that causes major damage to crops and trees. If you live in…

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Tips For Tree Trimming

4 Free Tips For Tree Trimming

What Are Some Tips For Tree Trimming? Why should I trim my trees? Health: Tree trimming is typically done to remove the dying parts of the tree to ensure the tree can continue to grow. If the area is dense, it also allows for the plants below to get more sunlight, which will help the…

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