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There are times when you want to keep a tree in place, but have no other choice but to have it removed. The tree could be dangerous or even just a nuisance. Here are a few other reasons to consider removing a tree include:

  • It’s dead or in the process of dying
  • It’s too close to a home or other structure
  • It’s dangerous to its surroundings
  • It’s no longer a desirable part of the landscape

Regardless of why you want to remove a tree, it’s important to take the right steps in doing so.

Don’t Risk Cutting a Tree Down Yourself

It sounds easy enough to remove a tree – especially a small one – until you find yourself in the middle of the project.

Not only do you have to remove the tree itself, but you must also find a place to dispose of it. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the stump that’s left behind.

Take our word and 20+ years of experience, its almost always more difficult than it sounds. When you add this to potential dangers, such as the tree falling on you or a nearby structure, it’s best to consult with Florida Tree and Ground Maintenance.

How Can We Help?


Planning, possible permitting and good communication are need to successfully remove a tree. It’s our goal to provide high quality service from start to finish, which includes:

  • Assessing the tree to determine the best method of removal
  • Securing the job site to prevent accident and damage
  • Safely removing the tree
  • Hauling leftover debris from the job site
  • Removing the stump

Dangerous Tree Removal At Florida Tree & Ground Maintenance Inc., we have been removing trees in the local area for nearly 20 years.


Request an estimate and we will visit your property to provide a free consultation. From there, we’ll tackle the job and back up the results with our 100% percent guarantee.

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